Dana Parker’s 3 to 7 EDM Project Release First Album Ever – 3 to 7

The secret formula that has been used for years in the music industry by Dana Parker, founder of 3 to 7, consists in the alliance of modern technology and the best session musicians in Los Angeles, today at the root of their new album 3 to 7. Creating a linear EDM style with the Motown techniques of recording and production, this incredibly skilled group of artists have once again demonstrated their iconic musicianship, with only one difference compared to their previous works. This time, and upon popular request, they have recorded an album that is distributed on all music platforms, whereas prior to that, their music was created through their partnerships with the biggest media out there, such as  MTV, VH1, CMT, Comedy Central, History and Bravo, among others. 

A film and TV composer, as well as a College Professor specializing in analog electronic music and composition, Dana Parker is a leading figure in his field, and 3 to 7 is the ultimate proof for that, while we impatiently wait for a second album to be made available to the public.