Danny Trejo Joins OYLS for Music Video Aimed at Destigmatizing Mental Illness: Watch

With his starring role in a new music video, renowned actor Danny Trejo has at last added EDM to his stacked portfolio of artistic work.

Released today via Handwritten Records, the short film is set to the tune of "Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)" by electronic duo OYLS, off their October album OYLS (For Your Consideration). It is the third installment of the group's seamless "Pop Opera" visual series, with episodes dedicated in order to the songs on OYLS

Directed by Nicole Lipp, "Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)" is set in a smoggy 80s-era motel and follows Trejo through a Netflix all-nighter complete with microwave popcorn and canned soda. Sound familiar?

Eerie lighting and jump cuts backed by haunting synths and sharp percussion emote disorientation and confusion throughout the short. Meanwhile, OYLS' raspy vocal musings explore the insecurity and self-deprecation caused by constant access to the Internet:

"Unlimited content at our fingertips is both a remarkable tool and a powerfully addictive escape," OYLS shared in a press release. "The song is really about how we cope with our negative feelings."

The entire OYLS (For Your Consideration) project underpins this message, with each song title calling out brands such as Instagram, Visa, Zoloft and AppleCare. OYLS initially made headlines surrounding its release by selling advertisement space on the album's cover. A portion of the proceeds were designated for MusiCares, a nonprofit that provides mental health resources to musicians.

Danny Trejo in OYLS' official music video for "Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)."

Danny Trejo in OYLS' official music video for "Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)."

"To have someone of Danny's stature willing to portray a vulnerable character struggling with his own mind is invaluable to normalizing our conversations about mental health," OYLS said of Trejo's appearance in the "Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)" video.

Following their album release model, OYLS has announced all proceeds from the new music video will also go to MusiCares. Additionally, listeners can donate directly to the organization from OYLS' Spotify page.


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