David Guetta Reveals Avicii Tribute Remix "Heaven" with Morten Out Tomorrow

It took some time, but David Guetta is tributing the late Avicii the best way he knows how — through his own music. The producer just revealed that he and Morten are dropping a remix for “Heaven” on Friday.

The anticipated rework truly does sound like a little slice “Heaven,” as you can hear in the clip below. It sounds like something that would make Avicii proud. Produced by Guetta to honor his friend’s life and legacy, the song marks the first Avicii/Guetta release since “Sunshine” in 2011. At the time, they received a Grammy nomination for their work.

Guetta shares some background on the forthcoming remix:

I’ve wanted to do something to honor Avicii for quite a long time, but was waiting for the right moment. After I heard ‘Heaven’ for the first time I was blown away by the sound, the lyrics and the vocals from Chris Martin. What makes it extra special is that Chris Martin has always been a big inspiration with Coldplay for both Tim and myself. That’s why it felt like the right moment for me to make a remix this track as a tribute to Tim.

I proposed it to the family and luckily they liked the idea. Together with my friend MORTEN I created this remix and I’m really proud the end result. I think it’s amazing we can keep his legacy and his beautiful melodies alive like this, because he inspired so many people with it, including myself.

Check back tomorrow to hear the ficial “Heaven” remix from David Guetta and Morten. For now, listen to the teaser below.

Heaven (David Guetta & Morten Remix) Coming Tomorrow


Photo Rukes.com