deadmau5 LIVE @ EDC Las Vegas 2019

Is any music festival really complete without deadmau5? That’s a rhetorical question, course.

The mau5trap maestro Deadmau5 is about to take on EDC Las Vegas for one tonight’s greatest highlights. The festival is just getting started, but this is one those sets that people will be buzzing about all weekend long.

deadmau5’s cube v3 tour goes down in approximately¬†117 days, but we can all experience the magic his music together right here, right now the EDC Las Vegas livestream.

This year, EDC Las Vegas boasts four channels: all stages, kineticFIELD, cosmicMEADOW and circuitGROUNDS. deadmau5 is about to leave cosmicMEADOW in awe, coming up next!

Watch Deadmau5 live from EDC Las Vegas here at 1:35am!

Deadmau5 @ cosmicMEADOW