Dean The Dream Creates A Safe Space For Queers With Hitchin’ It to Heaven

Remarkable singer-songwriter Dean the Dream openly admits that the main goal behind his latest album Hitchin’ It To Heaven, was to unveil and uncover the untold stories of the gay community and “get it heard by as many people as possible not for glory or fame, but to highlight some stories that aren’t told as often as they should.”

Brendan Alpiner, aka Dean the Dream admits that his music is inspired by people like him, “As an openly queer guy, I tend to be drawn toward rather outsider artists, or artists a bit out of their time. The ones that just don’t seem to fit in easily. That’s why I choose my covers and sounds extremely carefully; I want to give credit where credit is due.”

Hitchin’ It To Heaven isn’t just an album, it’s a statement, a safe space for people to embrace their sexuality and individuality. The 7-track record not only provokes thoughts, but also brings novelty to the Psychedelic and Funk Rock scene, with songs like “Changes,” “Dying Staying Alive,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” and the lead single “Goodbye, Danny.” 

Looking forward to working with artists like Orville Peck and Sky Ferriera, Dean the Dream continues to develop his skills and explore uncharted waters. Incorporating different elements together such as Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll, the Detroit-born poet creates a unique sound that speaks to the listeners’ hearts and educates them for the better.

Listen to “Goodbye, Danny” here:

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