Denver’s No-Longer-Legendary Beta Nightclub Is Rebranding… AGAIN

The last time we talked about Denver’s Beta Nightclub back in December, it was in the process transitioning to more a hip hop and sports bar than the EDM juggernaut it once was. DJ Diesel, aka Shaq, rang in New Year’s at the venue, so it seems EDM isn’t being entirely ousted from the club’s mission, but that might change in 2020.

Beta’s prile picture on Instagram now reads, “Change is good, coming soon!”, signaling perhaps some sort ficial rebrand. Other sources suggest the club might even be changing its name — it’s not like Beta 2.0 was the brightest idea in the first place, after all. It has been heavily criticized since its relaunch this year.

Currently, there’s only one event on the club’s schedule, a UFC watch party on January 18. But even that is only on the Facebook event calendar, and not on the venue’s website. As right now, the club is closed, though, and will remain that way (with the exception the event on the 18th), for an indeterminate amount time.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.