Devious Machines Release Bass Focus

A new bass enhancement plugin from the award-winning team behind Infiltrator 2, Pitch Monster, Multiband X6, Texture, and Duck is out now.

Bass Focus is an advanced low-frequency enhancer that intelligently adds weight and presence to your bass without losing its original character or identity. 

Released today, Bass Focus helps you create fuller, louder, and more powerful bass without sacrificing headroom. On smaller speakers, it ensures your low-end never gets lost, perfect for mobile phone playback and portable devices. With many A&Rs confessing to listening to demos solely from a phone, it pays to make sure it sounds as good as possible.

How it works

Bass Focus generates higher frequency harmonics than the original bass. This means the original low frequencies will sound louder, increasing overall presence, punch, and power. This psychoacoustic effect will also occur when the original frequency isn’t audible, such as when listening on smaller speakers.

The inbuilt and unique algorithm is more than just saturation, as it generates a controllable harmonic independently of the input level. With three output faders, users can balance the clean, harmonic, and top-end signals independently using a visual spectrum as a guide.

It’s been billed as not just a mix tool as it can also be applied on the master track to improve mix translation and presence, thicken low end, or recover headroom in mixes with too much sub.

“Given the amount of small speaker listening happening everywhere – this may be a vital processor for all of us” – James Wiltshire: Freemasons / F9 Audio

“I love the plugin; it’s in my daily workflow now” – Robert Babicz: Acid Warrior, Producer & Mastering engineer.
“This is the best bass enhancement plugin I have used, avoiding the overdriven distortion and mud of some others on the market” – TRCD: Drum & Bass producer.

Bass Focus is out now!

Pricing and availability

Bass Focus costs £29 / €34 / $36 and can be purchased from Devious Machines directly.

N.B – Bass Focus is also part of the Devious Machines Pro Effects Bundle, which contains all of their effect plug-ins, plus a bonus pack for Texture. All details can be found in their shop.

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5th June, 2024