Diplo Becomes First-Ever DJ to Play Atop This Epic Structure [VIDEO]

Diplo just became the first DJ to ever play on top the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Working the decks from approximately 134 meters or 440 feet up in the air is no easy task, but Diplo made it look like a breeze. The music, views, and the sunset made for one those unforgettable moments, both for the DJ/producer and the small crowd spectators who climbed the bridge to see him throw down.

The event took place in celebration the 21st anniversary  BridgeClimb, a company that allows tourists to climb the landmark to get a bird’s eye view the city. Over the years, BridgeClimb has facilitated climbs for nearly 4 million people, but only a handful have experienced a dance party like this one.

Diplo joked in a social media post, “management thought it would be a good idea right after i landed to dj on top sydney harbour bridge.”

Watch below.

Diplo DJs Sydney Harbour Bridge


Photo Rukes.com