Diplo & Dillon Francis Take On Hot Ones Together

Lots dance music personalities have already appeared on Hot Ones, the show with hot questions and even hotter wings. So far, we’ve seen Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, and Dillon Francis appear on the show. Coming soon, we’ll be able to see Dillon Francis and Diplo face f in Truth or Dab.

What’s Truth or Dab? I’m glad you asked! It’s a little fun filler between seasons Hot Ones where two guests must either answer a question truthfully or else take a bit a wing with The Last Dab. While guests on Hot Ones are usually able to handle The Last Dab (if they actually manage to reach it), it’s really because they’ve had a chance to build up to it with the other nine sauces. Going straight to The Last Dab is another beast entirely.

For an example what Truth or Dab is capable , you can watch the Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer episode here. Check out the teaser for the Dillon vs Diplo episode in the holiday special below.