DJ Babatr announces new EP, ‘The Journey’, on Paryìa

DJ Babatr has announced a new EP, 'The Journey', via Marie Montexier's Berlin-based imprint Paryìa. 

The five-track package will be released on vinyl and digitally on 18th April, and includes a collaborative cut with Madrid-based Dj Deep RH. A remix of the title track by Brooklyn-based Ayesha will also be released separately on 2nd May. 

Hailing from and based in Caracas, Venezuela, Babatr is one of the originators of the raptor house genre, alongside figures such as DJ Yirvin, DJ Deep, DJ Armando and DJ Linares. The genre, sometimes known as changa tuki, was born in the late '90s out of the city's street parties, matinés, which were powered by powered by mobile sound systems called minitecas.

Last year, writer E.R Pulgar chronicled Babatr's journey to date in a career-spanning interview with DJ Mag. The DJ also contributed a slamming mix to the On Cue series. 

In 2022, Babatr featured Nick León's hit 'Xtasis', a collaboration that brought renewed attention to the artist's own back catalogue.

Pre-order 'The Journey' here.