DJ Dobrel Drops Sultry House EP, “Can’t Stop Sexy”

Following his 2022 single “No One,” DJ Dobrel has returned with an infectious new project, an EP of five dancefloor-ready tracks called Can’t Stop Sexy.

With releases on established labels such as Loudkult, Wern Records and Jhaps, as well as a large number of independent singles under his belt, Dobrel is putting his own spin on house music in a potent showcase of his skillset.

Kicking off the EP is its focus single, “Sexy Banana,” which brings together saturated kicks with quirky vocals and a brisk four-on-the-floor rhythm. Dobrel follows with “Got to Have Your Love” and “Wont Stop Cant Stop,” each of which combine eerie soundscapes with a thumping low end, while “I Dont Give A” offers a chaotic arrangement of rave leads and bass stabs.

Dobrel concludes with a bonus track, “About Me,” rounding out Can’t Stop Sexy with the EP's most melodic cut, which features fluttering arpeggios and a heady vocal refrain.

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DJ Dobrel

DJ Dobrel Drops Sultry House EP, "Can't Stop Sexy"

The Dublin-based DJ and producer displays his unique skillset in the EP’s five tracks.

“I wanted to do something a bit harder and more club-orientated for this EP,” Dobrel in explained in a press statement. “I cant wait to drop these in clubs or festivals and see the reaction!”

Take a listen to Can’t Stop Sexy below.