DJ Holographic announces debut album, ‘House In The Dark’, shares ‘Gemini’: Listen

DJ Holographic's debut album will be titled 'House In The Dark'. Listen to the new single, 'Gemini', below.

The latest track follows 'Taurus' and 'Aries', out in July as a 12-inch EP, making up the first part of the Detroit DJ's first LP. Three more seasonal EPs are still to come via her newly launched label Through The Veil. All together, the four EPs will complete 'House In The Dark'. 

"Creating 'Gemini' had me exploring my house that involves relationships, from partners, business partners communication, and relation to things in my life", DJ Holographic said of the latest single in a press statement. "Healing two-sided relationships from my past that were never upfront with their true intentions had me seeing double-masked faces, holding all the cards. I slowly healed and left the masks at the masquerade to fully see people's intentions with me before the betrayal. My Gemini brothers and sisters, this anthem is for you."

Last summer, DJ Holographic and Lyric Hood talked about their influences, spirituality and more — read the conversation here.

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Listen to 'Gemini'