Drake's executive produced a show that's been compared to Trainspotting

Euphoria is a new show heading to HBO and Drake is listed as an executive producer.

HBO's drama head Francesa Orsi described it as "Kids meets Trainspotting, and what might exist when parents don't exist", referencing Larry Clark's adolescent movie and Danny Boyle's classic.

Euphoria is a coming of age saga about those trying to cope with a world steeped in drugs and violence, but infused also with new phenomena in social media.

10 episodes will air after a pilot for the show was ordered in March.

Actress and singer Zendaya is involved and revealed a short, mysterious clip her social media channels.

Other notable actors include The Handmaid Tale and Sharp Object’s Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow, Storm Reid and trans model Hunter Schafeur.

Drake’s manager Future the Prince is also producing, with the producers from the Israeli original retaining their roles.

The show will be written by Sam Levinson, but fans will have to wait as an air date is yet to be confirmed.

Max Penny-Barrow is a freelance journalist, follow him on Twitter