DROELOE Aren’t Breaking Up, But They Won’t Be Together Anymore

Last Friday, DROELOE posted to social media and scared their fans a bit. With mention “divide and conquer,” it was easy to assume that the duo Vincent and Hein were breaking up.

After 4 years being on this wild roller-coaster ride called DROELOE together its time to turn over a new leaf, divide & conquer and reach our maximum potential.

Today, they revealed the truth behind the cryptic announcement and it ended up being more literal than we had originally thought. Vincent and Hein will be actually diving and conquering with relation to their duties within the duo, wherein “Hein is going to expand the DROELOE visual universe from home, while Vincent will continue touring and making music like he always has and will.”

So, they’re not breaking up, but you’ll only be seeing one them on the road from now on. See upcoming tour dates, music, and more on their website here.