Dub siren plug-in released by Akai

Japanese hardware manufacturer Akai has partnered with AIR Music Tech to develop a new plug-in inspired by dub sirens.

Designed to emulate the classic sound of dancehall and reggae sound systems, the plug-in allows users to create customisable sirens, and control the echo, reverb and feedback associated with the sound. There also also LFO controls to edit the length of the siren sound.

Launching the plug-in, which has been dubbed Ring The Alarm, Akai said it hopes it can help bring to life the "pulsating beats of a Kingston dancehall, where the rhythmic sound of a dub siren blends seamlessly with reggae and ska melodies".

Ring The Alarm runs as a VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in for Mac and Windows, and can also be used on MPC hardware. It's available via Akai's MPC store for the price of £24.99.

You can get an idea of how it works via the video tutorial below.

Last month, Akai unveiled stem separation for its legendary sampler, in the form of MPC Stems.

The company also launched a new all-in-one production unit, MPC Keys 37, earlier this year.