EDM.com Playlist Picks: Aluna, Alan Walker, Matroda & More [9/30/22]

The electronic music community is constantly evolving with new sounds every week, as artists become more innovative with their compositions. EDM.com's weekly "Playlist Picks" series highlights the top releases in the genre, helping uncover the latest tracks that will soon dominate the dance music scene.

EDM.com Top Hits

Alan Walker & Trevor Daniel - Extremes

Aluna & MK - Kiss It Better

Honey Dijon & Channel Tres - Show Me Some Love (feat. Sadie Walker)

Festival Hits 2022

HUGEL & Cumbiafrica - Marenita (Matroda Remix)

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aluna forgeta bout me

EDM.com Playlist Picks: Aluna, Alan Walker, Matroda & More [9/30/22]

New major releases include tracks from Bleu Clair, RIOT, Zandros and more.

RIOT - Back Twista

Bleu Clair, OOTORO & Chyra - Killer Bee

Electronic Avenue

yetep, KLAXX - Journey

Zandros - Prisoner

These tracks can be accessed on the EDM.com Top Hits Playlist, Electronic Avenue Playlist and Festival Hits 2022 Playlist.