EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 12

“Passive Aggressive Robot” - Rinzen

In his quest to craft cinematic, world-building techno, Rinzen centers "Passive Aggressive Robot" on “envisioning a near-future world dominated by (annoying snarky) AI.” Sharp-edged synths slice through a relentless kick while an eerie robot sounds alarms and fires warnings through the song’s progression.

“Transhumanism” - Innellea

“Transhumanism” shines in ambivalence. Aggressive, surging bass and frenetic arpeggios dominate the first few minutes while angelic hymns grace the rest of the track.

“Into Your Tribe” (Bedouin Remix) - Guy Laliberté, Soul of Zoo ft. The Frog Collective

A hypnotic rhythm and ominous murmurs welcome listeners to Bedouin’s remix of “Into Your Tribe.” A sinking lead and striking vocals from the original soon take center stage, gradually giving way back to Bedouin’s emphatic drums.

“On My Knees” (Adriatique Remix) - RÜFÜS DU SOL

RÜFÜS DU SOL is celebrating their latest LP Surrender with an official remix package “geared for the dancefloor.” Swiss duo Adriatique took “On My Knees” for a spin, driving the tune with a steady, calculated progression centered by powerful drums. Not to mention, they morphed the prime bassline from the original into a melodic lead.

“Resilience” - Swann Decamme, Oktave

Floating pads and tribal percussion conjure a dreamlike atmosphere on “Resilience.” The real treat: an animated bassline that envelopes the ears in warm embrace.

“Lover” (Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee remix) - Howling

Howling is the unexpected collaborative brainchild of Frank Wiedemann (one part of the German techno duo Âme) and Ry X. Wiedemann’s technical prowess and Ry X’s sultry vocals fuse for rousing dance music productions. Their track “Lover,” striking in its own right, got a club-focused cut courtesy of Jennifer Cardini and Damon Jee. Employing a throbbing bassline and crisp drums, the pair raise tension on their remix.

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Rinzen donned in black against a glowing orange wall.

EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 12

Adriatique, Bedouin, Innellea, and more feature in the July 2022 edition of The House Brew.

“Flashback” - Serge Devant ft. Forrest

Sultry horns and soft vocals wrap a charging bassline on Serge Devant’s “Flashback,” a suave song fit for late nights.

“Chef’s Kiss” (Moscoman Edit) - Maximum Flavour

Embodying sounds from a vintage arcade, stretched saw synths contrast against plucking bass on “Chef’s Kiss.” Moscoman’s edit speeds up the original and peppers percussion through the track, priming it for the dancefloor.

“Impossible” (&ME Remix) - Röyksopp ft. Alison Goldfrapp

&ME’s take on “Impossible” is a smooth, soothing melodic house journey. “I am sorry to all the streaming platforms for making it over 9 minutes again” he quipped on Instagram.

“Wintry Wind” - Massane

Evoking its namesake, “Wintry Wind” is full of moody arpeggios and wistful chords. Once again, Massane proves why he’s a regular on Lane 8’s stellar melodic house imprint, This Never Happened.