EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 13

“Grapevine” - Lane 8 feat. Elderbrook

Elderbrook’s tender vocals float gently above Lane 8’s bustling instrumentation on “Grapevine.”

The song’s sentimental character is a result of a personal backstory.

“Back when I was living in San Francisco after college, I used to regularly take road trips down to LA to visit friends (and usually go to a lot of raves),” Lane 8 wrote on Instagram. “I had a good job but I felt unfulfilled, and those trips came to provide meaning to my life as I started to figure out my purpose. part of the drive to LA is the infamous grapevine, which is where the chorus and title of this song come from. Whatever was going on in my life at that moment, passing through the grapevine was a time to process the past, regrets and disappointment, but also a moment where excitement about the future would really start to kick in. It’s a bittersweet kind of feeling that I tried to channel into the production of this song as well.”

“Always” (Monkey Safari Remix) - RÜFÜS DU SOL

As any stand-out remix should, Monkey Safari's take on “Always” keeps just enough elements of the original, like the drum rhythm and moody chords, but accentuates them with something fresh and unexpected.

For Monkey Safari, that means trading the verse-chorus song structure of the original for a slow-burning melodic house progression, keeping the vocals—a critical piece of the RÜFÜS DU SOL sound—at bay for over half the remix’s length. Instead, a blissful blend of twinkling synths, warm drums, and fleeting whispers dominates the soundscape.

“Control” - Landau, BRK (BR)

While whistles tend to sound trite in music, when they’re distorted, softened and arranged alongside a bevy of whirring mechanical sounds, it makes for an energizing listen. “Control” is a prime example of this creative control.

“Molly & Sally” (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix) - Yulia Niko ft. Coro Coro

Adam Ten and Mita Gami add a “psychedelic, minimal touch” to Yulia Niko’s “Molly & Sally.” Crisp kicks, bending tribal drums and ominous bass power the remix.

“Do You Hear Me” - Pavel Petrov, Rafael Cerato

Introspective musings weaved within a frenetic soundscape bring “Do You Hear Me” to life, a thundering track sure to ignite the dancefloor.

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Lane 8 standing on top of a rock against a scenic mountain.

EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 13

Lane 8, Monkey Safari, Rezident and more feature in the August 2022 edition of The House Brew.

“Altered Shape” - Losless

The details are in the sound design on “Altered Shape.” There would be no surprise if the name for the track sprung from the stellar waveform manipulation present within.

“One Day Around The Sun” - TAYA, Quackers

Combining the rich sounds of the Analog Rytm drum machine and the Moog Sub 37 synthesizer with live guitar, “One Day Around The Sun” conjures an infectious groove to take listeners on a “mysterious journey through the deserted spaces of the mind.”

“Penguin Hit Squad” - Mike Kerrigan, N808

Bright, buzzing synths and wonky tones dominate “Penguin Hit Squad.” Claude VonStroke “selfishly asked to delay the release for 6 months just so he could hold on to this secret weapon,” DIRTYBIRD said when they finally released the tune.

“Fizzy Pop” - Layla Benitez ft. Max Milner

“Fizzy Pop” is a breezy organic house tune that sounds as sweet and spirited as its name. Fittingly, it finds a home on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream record label.

“Hunter” - Rezident

Warm bass greets listeners on Rezident’s “Hunter.” It’s a laid-back melodic house tune crafted to soothe the soul rather than stir the crowd.