EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 15

“All I Ever Wanted” - Adriatique, Marino Canal

Adriatique and Marino Canal’s first collaboration, “Home,” was one of the biggest melodic techno releases of 2020. Two years later, the Accordia EP sees the two return for a more somber record. On “All I Ever Wanted,” celestial, syncopated synths soar above an emphatic beat.

“NYWTF” - Chloé Caillet ft. Mikhail Beltran

Forget “Empire State Of Mind.” If underground dance music is your love language, “NYWTF” is the quintessential billet-doux to New York.

“Chaos” - Ian Ludwig

“Chaos” sticks true to its name. Ian Ludwig stuns with this relentless tune, which features throbbing percussion and a riotous atmosphere.

“One Love” (Nandu Remix) - Margee ft. Joy Tyson, ARKADYAN

Nandu’s remix of “One Love” is a mystical affair with a deeper, darker tint than the original.

“The Bee” - Red Axes

How do you fuse the sound of a buzzing bee into a brooding piece of dance music? Listen to Red Axes’ latest release to find out.

“Caress” - Gifted Fire

Gifted Fire’s organic house EP Mediterranean Summers “hopes to encapsulate the sights of the glorious ambers of the sunset glimmering through the Mediterranean Sea.” Featuring flaming horns and mystic synths, “Caress” boldly embodies that spirit.

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“Living In A Song” (2022 Remix) - Dino Lenny

Seven years on, Dino Lenny revisits his track “Living In a Song” for a sinister remix.

“Postlude” - atish, Vridian

An exhibit of subtle, hypnotic techno, “Postlude” trades dramatic drops for a rich atmosphere conjured by twinkly synths and astral pads.

“Palermo 1982” - Derun, LDRDO

A sultry guitar riff steals the show on “Palermo 1982,” embellished by organic percussion and a propelling bassline.

“Robotics” - Rubén de Madame

“Robotics” is pure, unrelenting techno. A classic, thumping kick and acid-inspired synths take center stage here.