EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 4

“Bocat” - Guy Gerber ft. Albertina

Though Guy Gerber has been quiet on the release front in 2021, he’s ending the year with the smashing Bocat EP. The titular track crafts intoxicating energy through deep, sustained keys, fierce guitar licks, and electric vocals by Albertina.

“I Don’t Wanna Leave” (Innellea remix) - RÜFÜS DU SOL

Another month, another dynamite remix from Innellea. Following his remix of Monolink’s “Under Dark,” Innellea brings his magic touch to RÜFÜS DU SOL’s soulful “I Don’t Wanna Leave.”

Though some of the wistfulness of the original is intact, the energy is raised to the roof with rumbling bass and a menacing lead.

“California Dreamin’” (Vintage Culture remix) - Chris Lorenzo

“Chris Lorenzo's new track 'California Dreamin’' is on fire!” Vintage Culture prefaced on his remix.

“My intention is to throw gasoline on the fire,” he declared. While Lorenzo’s take on “California Dreamin’” was all about the groove, Culture heightened the tension with stronger build-ups and darker sounds.

“Dreams” (Terrace Dub) - Gorgon City ft. Jem Cooke

Less is more on Gorgon City’s "Terrace Dub" of “Dreams.” Keeping Jem Cooke’s magical vocals at the center, Gorgon City strip away elements of the original to let thundering bass enthrall listeners.

“What Have You Done To Me” - Lane 8 ft. Arctic Lake

Lane 8 and Arctic Lake are a match made in heaven. After collaborating on “Don’t Let Me Go” and “Road,” a couple of the biggest tracks off Lane 8’s euphoric Brightest Lights LP, they’ve reconvened on “What Have You Done to Me.”

As always, Lane 8 lets Arctic lake’s vocals shine, effortlessly complementing them with fluttering synths.

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dom dolla

EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 4

Innellea, Dom Dolla, Guy Gerber, Vintage Culture, and more feature in the November 2021 edition of The House Brew.

“Strangers" - Dom Dolla ft. Mansionair

“Strangers” is “a song about treading carefully with your words in the heat of a moment, and knowing your worth,” Mansionair explained. Their delicate vocals float above sweeping strings and a progressive bassline crafted by Dom Dolla.

“Epiphany Engineering” – Enamour

Enamour’s Anima EP is the result of “a cool challenge to try and bring the Concerto composition into the dance space, with a modular synth as the ‘solo instrument’, using other synths and acoustic elements for the ‘backing orchestra.’”

Expanding on his inspiration for the first track of the EP, “Epiphany Engineering," Enamour said: “I was reading a few books about creativity, flow, and art. I particularly resonated with the idea of the muse, the spark, or the “magical idea”—something essentially out of your control that may choose to flow through your body and mind and onto your medium. This is what ‘Epiphany Engineering’ is about. There’s no lyrics, but I imagine it tells the story of a mad scientist toiling away into the night in his lab, with machines whirring around him until suddenly he has a eureka moment. I can easily say it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written.”

"Sikhanyisele" (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix) – Leo Guardo

Ethereal vocals and a mystic melody welcome listeners to Sparrow & Barbossa’s remix of “Sikhanyisele.” The soothing build-up gently transitions into tribal drums and rhythmic bass.

“My City’s On Fire” - Jimi Jules

After being rinsed heavily in both Dixon and Âme’s live sets, Jimi Jules’ infectious single “My City’s On Fire” finally sees the light of day on Innervisions.

“Al Vent” - Hraach

Hraach’s “Al Vent" is pure, deep house magic. Spacey pads and a simple, striking bassline take the spotlight here.