EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 5

“Symphony No. 4” - Rinzen

“Symphony No. 4” is a brooding techno tribute to Beethoven's classic, “Symphony No. 4."

“I was so moved by the opening strings that I decided to make my own version of it,” Rinzen shared on the inspiration behind the track. He added that it’s “the most cinematic track I’ve ever created,” a definitive statement by an artist centered on crafting cinematic techno.

“Indigo” - Sultan + Shepherd

Lush piano keys and a melancholic lead guide listeners through “Indigo,” conjuring the warmth of a hearth against a cold winter night. The track’s release has been highly anticipated since Lane 8 featured it in the Fall 2021 edition of his celebrated seasonal mixtapes. Of course, it sees the light of day on Lane 8’s This Never Happened  label.

“Bending the Light” - Enamour

Enamour has been busy this year. After releasing five wide-ranging EPs and a slew of singles, he closed 2021 with “Bending the Light.” Gliding bass and mystic synths take the spotlight on the organic house track, creating a wave-like melodic motion.

“Viaje De La Vida” - Mass Digital

The titular track of Mass Digital’s Viaje De La Vida EP is a deep house gem. An emphatic bassline, wistful keys, and angelic pads coalesce into a dreamy soundscape.

“Walking” - Anyma

Anyma, the solo project from Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri, effortlessly glides between soothing dance music and hard-hitting techno. “Walking” falls into the latter category. Though it starts off unassuming with a simple kick drum and moody pads, “Walking” quickly explodes into growling dancefloor-shaking bass.

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Rinzen donned in black against a glowing orange wall.

EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 5

Nora En Pure, Michael Bibi, Anyma, Rinzen, and more feature in the December 2021 edition of The House Brew.

“Soul System” - Michael Bibi

Tech house thrives on taking cult-favorite samples and reigniting them with pulsating basslines. Michael Bibi sampling Adam Freeland’s “We Want Your Soul”—featured in the classic game Need For Speed: Underground 2’s soundtrack—on “Soul System” is a prime example.

“Sign of the Times” - Nora En Pure

“Sign of the Times” opens with a haunting violin, dives into a striking piano melody, and ultimately brings in club-ready grooves for a classic Nora En Pure organic house experience.

“Alien Talk” - GuzBass

“Alien Talk” is exactly what it sounds like: a conversation between extra-terrestrials brought to life through glitches, warps, and interstellar synths. It’s bizarre in just the right way.

KÖNI - Tammurriata Nera (Daniel Hokum Remix)

Daniel Hokum’s remix of “Tammurriata Nera'' slithers through its nearly seven-minute run length, a far cry from the throbbing momentum of the original. This empowers an array of tribal elements and bursts of ear-pleasing bass to take up space and create a richer, mystical listening experience.

“Synchole” - gardenstate, Hvitling, Yenzen

“Synchole” is pure, unrelenting techno. While ominous pads and menacing breakdowns create deeper tension in “Synchole,” the power is—of course—in the kick.