EDX Talks About New Single "Neptune", No Xcuses ADE Party & More In Exclusive Interview

Following a slew -topping productions, a Grammy nomination and countless headline shows at some the biggest festivals and nightclubs the world over; to say that EDX has been on a prolific run form this year would be somewhat an understatement.

With all four his 2019 singles (‘Who Cares', ‘Off The Grid', ‘Ubuntu' and ‘Stay') having topped the Beatport within days release, and with his recent Dubai Skyline remix Loud Luxury & Bryce Vine’s ‘I’m Not Alright' making serious waves internationally, the prolific Swiss producer now looks to make it an impressive full house as he unveils his next musical fering – ‘Neptune'.

Out now his PinkStar Records imprint, Neptune sees EDX go back to his roots as he delivers an impeccable progressive house record, primed for discerning dance floors and sound systems the world over. We got the chance to talk to EDX about the new single, as well as his upcoming party in Amsterdam at ADE, upcoming tour and more.

Check out the full interview below!

1. Last year you celebrated your 400th episode No Xcuses radio at ADE with a massive party with some the biggest names in house music. You bring that party back this year to club mystique in the centre Amsterdam. What made you decide on doing another event at ADE and why club mystique?
It’s been a very very nice journey with my No Xcuses brand, running my weekly radio show and putting on some amazing events all over the world. It’s definitely become something much bigger than I ever expected when I launched the brand all those years ago, which is fantastic. Amsterdam Dance Event is without doubt one the biggest highlights the international electronic music calendar — not only are there a huge amount music lovers and fans attending, there are also industry pressionals and brands from all over the world, so it's great to put on a No Xcuses showcase, right in the middle the week. There are so many venues across Amsterdam to choose from and Club Mystique seemed like the best fit when we were deciding. I cannot wait to return and and we’ll be announcing the lineup very soon, so stay tuned!
2. What goes into curating the lineup with such a special event like this? With all the events going on at the same time, it's got to be tough.
As you say, there are a huge amount events taking place over the week, but what I really want for No Xcuses is to invite the artists that I’m really loving right now and put on a night world class music. Artists also play multiple events over the course the week, which definitely helps in terms programming. I’m also really looking forward to catching up with a lot friends that I don’t get to see very ten over the course the year. It’s a great week.
3.  Your latest remix Loud Luxury's I'm Not Alright is your first remix the year. What stood out about this track that made you want to put your own spin on it?
I’ve been doing a lot remixes ever since I started producing, and 2018 especially was a huge year for me on that front. I was nominated for a Grammy for my remix Charlie Puth – How Long, and I released some ficial edits for the likes Chromeo, Janelle Monae, Bazzi & Camilla Cabello and to name a few. Because that, I wanted to focus more on original music in 2019, and if I was to do a remix, it had to be exactly the right one. Loud Luxury are cool kids from Toronto and I really love what they’re about, so when they sent me the track it just felt right. I knew it would work perfectly for a Dubai Skyline Mix and I’m super happy with how it turned out.
4. You also have a brand new original single Neptune coming out on PinkStar Records. Can you talk to us about that please?
Neptune is a record that I actually produced earlier this year. I’m sitting on a lot original music that I’ve been releasing over the course 2019 (Who Cares, Off The Grid, Ubuntu & Stay) and now just felt like the right time to unleash Neptune, especially with ADE just around the corner. Neptune actually brings me back to the days around ten years ago where my sound was a little bit more progressive. I made a lot friends in that scene back then and progressive house is a style music that’s very close to me so I wanted to pay homage and add my fresh 2019 twist to bring it up to date. I’ve also just announced a huge Neptune tour, where I’ll be taking in almost 20 shows in North America the next couple months, which I’m super excited about.
5. Finally, what can we expect from EDX for the rest the year?
Haha, if I knew I would play the lottery every day! No, jokes aside, there will be more new music and as I mentioned just now I’m embarking on a big tour North America which I can’t wait for. For all updates, just head to my social channels, as I put everything up there in real time.