Ekali Debuts Smooth New ID At Recent Red Rocks Show

Ekali seems to always find a way to hit his listeners straight in the feels and with this new he has not strayed away from that approach. At his Red Rocks show recently the fans in attendance had the pleasure watching a beautiful and emotional show from this great artist and in that show there were plenty tunes that most us probably have not heard from him before.

One these IDs from the show was captured from a fan in the crowd. From the video you can definitely tell that it is a classic Ekali track that is sure to hit home. With its ambient and sultry vocals on top a smooth and vibing trap beat, the potential new ID engages you in a way that makes out for something that is truly special.

Is this something we could expect on the new ? Maybe, but for now enjoy a clip straight from his Red Rocks show with the new ID below The ID hits in full at around 1:15-1:40]…