Ekali Uploaded His 2018 Do LaB Set Onto PornHub

You read that right.

LA’s party makers Brownies and Lemonade attempted to post Ekali’s epic Do LaB set from Coachella onto YouTube, however, the platform immediately took it down due to audio strikes. It can be very tricky to upload live performances if you don’t play 100% your own music during your set, because you risk copyright claims that could pull your whole set down. So, as a joke, B&L talked about uploading the set to PornHub, and it looks like that quickly became reality. Yup, it actually happened. Ekali calls it a “Surprise Bass Orgy“.

The best part is that you won’t have to clear your browsing history after watching. Ekali linked the video to his Twitter account, so that you can even watch it at work.

Of course, it’s not actual porn. Remember when Borgore uploaded “Savages” to PornHub? Compared to tons boobs with interesting combinations pasties — covered in milk and cereal, cherry juice, pickles, sprinkles, and more, this video is definitely not as risqué.

Watch below and prepare to get “done” properly by a Canadian: