Electric Zoo Ravers Make Their Own After Party In NYC Subway [VIDEO]

  • Electric Zoo‘s 10th anniversary was most definitely wild — and that energy carried over into the night as ravers took their afterparty to a New York train station.

The Snapchat video below shows the “EZoo Subway Dance Party” in action, and according to , that excitement continued for about 20 minutes. Onlookers say there were “at least 200 people” in this packed area and probably 600 to 700 more “on the platform going crazy.”

If we want to be technical, another commenter points out that this actually took place at the Harlem 125th Street train station, not a subway stop. But, it was still hype nonetheless.

This is honestly just as hype if not more than any ficial after party we’ve seen! NYC clearly knows how to rage! Just watch.

Electric Zoo Ravers Make Their Own Afterparty