Elektron launches Digitakt II, follow up to popular sampler and sequencer

Elektron has announced the much anticipated Digitakt II, the follow-up to the hugely popular Digitakt sampler.

The original unit became one of Elektron’s most popular products, in part for its lower price point compared to other units from the Swedish hardware manufacturer, but also for its great sound, creative features, intuitive layout and portable form factor. 

The new version adds to version one with expanded sample memory — 400MB of RAM, and a whopping 20GB of internal sample memory, up from the original 1GB. The unit also adds support for stereo samples, instead of only supporting mono. Audio tracks have been doubled too — with 16 instead of eight — and steps per pattern have now been increased to 128.

On top of the new specs, the Digitakt II features five SRC ‘machines’ that shape the way your samples sound: Oneshot, Werp, Repitch, Stretch, and a new machine called Grid that lets you edit sounds at a micro-sample level. There are also five filter modes to choose from: Multi-Mode, Low pass 4, Equaliser, Comb and Legacy LP/HP. 

While the Digitakt was a more accessible price compared to some other Elektron products, it still cost $849. The Digitakt II ships at a new price point of $999. Find out more about the Digitakt II in the preview video below, and read more on the Elektron website here.