Elephante Shares Pictorial Music Video for New Single “High Water”

Over the last 20 years high production value in music videos has become more and more of a prized and beloved quality. This week Elephante released his first single of 2021 titled “High Water,” and the track's official video delivers a visual masterpiece that dynamically captures the meaning behind the song.

“High Water” combines the signature characteristics of Elephante’s music: emotive vocals, dexterous electric guitar, and his warm sound design. The song also simultaneously leans towards a more indietronica sound than his previous releases. 

Elephante recently shared that he wrote the song during quarantine when reflecting back on his opioid addiction in his younger years.

"It’s about my experience in my younger years withdrawing from opioids. The darkest moment in addiction where your mind gets so twisted that all you can think about is getting back to that high," he said in a press statement. "During the pandemic, I thought a lot about that time in my life and saw a lot of parallels with life in quarantine, where all I wanted was to get back to the way things were pre-COVID, no matter the cost.”

When creating the music video, Elephante employed the help of director Alex Goyette, prehaps best known for his work with AwesomenessTV. The highly cinematic and kaleidoscopic music video powerfully brings Elephante’s vocals to life.

Depicted in three unique polychromatic settings, the music video intercuts shots of the artist swimming underwater, followed by him trying to escape a turbulent rainstorm in a telephone booth, and then floating in the desert in a neon yellow suit. The result has an epic feel that could make the music video for "High Water" a viral hit.

With two previously sold out nationwide tours and a #1 on iTunes’ U.S. Dance chart with 2018’s Glass Mansion album, Elephante is no stranger to success. Currently hard at work on his forthcoming first full-length studio album Heavy Glow, the mega-talented producer is primed to further push the confines of modern dance music. Showcasing his masterful musicianship and songwriting abilities, Elephante will continue to develop his singular sound that eloquently fuses the best parts of the dance and live music worlds.

Watch the "High Water" music video below.


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