Escape Reality With Aluna’s Kaleidoscopic “Forget About Me” Music Video

Aluna has invited us to "escape reality" and enter her psychedelic dream world in the music video for her latest single, "Forget About Me."

Out now via Mad Decent, the video takes us to a kaleidoscopic Palace of Versailles where Aluna, clad in a towering electric blue wig, hosts a decadent tea party and travels to an animated dimension with her VR headset.

It's all set to the feel-good dance pop tune of "Forget About Me," which features Diplo and Durante and is embedded with a future house, four-on-the-floor bass beat and bright tropical house percussion. Aluna's piano skills also make an appearance, as does Diplo on the bass guitar.

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Escape Reality With Aluna's Kaleidoscopic "Forget About Me" Music Video

Not only did Aluna release a new track, but she also sold out its 69 corresponding NFT editions in under a minute.

"Forget About Me" also came paired with 69 corresponding NFTs that sold out online in under a minute, according to Aluna. "Holy hot potatoes that was bonkers….still trying think of anything that’s happened faster…maybe that time I met Kanye and he was looking the other way," she posted on social media.

Watch the full music video for "Forget About Me," directed and produced by Widny E Bazile's Widney Studios, below. You can also catch the track live on Aluna's ongoing "DiskoTek" tour which you can snag tickets for here.