Evil/Satanic Branding & Visuals In EDM Met with A Religious Argument from This Trap Star

This past weekend, Mersiv found himself in hot water after calling out DJs who use satanism and “dark evil shit” to push their branding. Predictably, tons DJs called him out and responded, voicing their own opinions in support Satanic branding, the use 666, pentagrams, horns, what have you.

On the other side the coin, however, THIEVES fers a more thought out, logical, religious perspective to the debate.

Though THIEVES’ interpretation modern day Satanism misses the mark (the first tenet being one should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason; read more here), he fers a valid response to the troves DJs who responded to Mersiv originally.

Personally, my view on Satan/Lucifer aligns more closely with the tortured soul/fallen son depicted in the TV show, Lucifer, but really that’s beside the point here.

Read below for THIEVES’ opinion on Satan, God, and evil in EDM.