Excision and Wooli Reveal New Collaborative EP and First Single, “Name Drop”

Just in time for the Bass Canyon and Lost Lands festivals is "Name Drop," the first single off of a new EP from Excision and Wooli.

The successor to 2019's collaborative EP, Evolution, the upcoming release will see both Excision and Wooli once again drop high-powered bass from the Late Cretaceous era. The two dubstep stars took to Twitter to reveal "Name Drop" and offer up some details behind the single and its larger project.

Although the reveal shares just a tiny crumb of music, Wooli went on to share a live performance video of "Name Drop." In the embedded video, fans can hear a portion of Wooli's set at îLESONIQ over the weekend that featured the unreleased track.

"Name Drop" features a bone-rattling bass drop and surprising vocal samples from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's meme-able hip-hop debut, "Face Off," with Tech N9ne.

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Excision and Wooli

Excision and Wooli Reveal New Collaborative EP and First Single, "Name Drop"

The upcoming release will be the follow-up to 2019's collaborative EP, "Evolution."

In just under two weeks, both Wooli and Excision are set to take the stage at the latter's Bass Canyon festival for a special B2B performance. It's safe to assume that fans will get an extended taste of what's to come when the T-Rex and woolly mammoth take over The Gorge.

"Name Drop" is scheduled to arrive on Friday, August 12th. At the time of writing, neither artist has announced a release date for their follow-up to Evolution


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