Excision Announces New Album Dropping Ahead of Lost Lands 2018

Seemingly out nowhere, thought we expected it to happen sometime this year, Excision has announced his fourth studio album, Apex, out in less than two weeks.

After keeping the X theme with his first two albums, he inexplicably named his third album Virus. While it didn’t affect our enjoyment the album, it was still a thematic road bump that left us scratching our head. Apex brings it back to the “ex” vibe in a creative way, and we’re sure that the tracklist is going to do the same.

The album will feature 14 tracks, including two collaborations with Space Laces, three collaborations with Dion Timmer, and two collaborations with Sullivan King. It will also include the new collaboration with Illenium, “Gold.”

With no time at all until this album is released, we’re forced to pack all our hype into the next 11 days. Get ready… an apex predator is coming. Are you prepared?