Excision Opens the Gates to a New Bass Music Utopia, "Subsidia"

Earlier in the month, Excision posted a mysterious countdown that left the bass music community scratching their collective head. Now, we've seen artists release countdowns before announcing new albums, tours, merch—what have you—but as you're likely well aware, Excision always takes things a step further. While fans would have been more than delighted by a simple song drop, he decided to crank up his subwoofer and blast open the gates to a new utopian society designed specifically for bass music listeners and artists, called Subsidia.

A Whole New World

Excision's Evolution Stage at Thunderdome

So what exactly is Subsidia? We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no—Excision has not purchased land and created a permanent Lost Lands... yet (fingers crossed). Subsidia is rather his effort to highlight both new and established artists in the realm he's been reigning over through his new record label.

With the introduction of the new outlet, the Canadian juggernaut will feature music from artists across many of bass music's subgenres. From ethereal, main stage-ready melodies to headbanging, bone-crushing beats and even eccentric, unorthodox experimental jams, there's something for all types of bass connoisseurs.

As mentioned earlier, it's no surprise that when Excision does things, he does them big. Just look at his newest stage production. One glance at The Evolution would make even the most advanced space invader run away with their tail between their legs. That's not to mention the giant dinosaurs that inhabit his signature music festival. Keeping with his tradition, Excision didn't just quietly announce the label with a release or two. Instead, 118 songs were debuted on Subsidia Records today. Yes, 118.

Six Hours of Bass

Excision's new production, "The Evolution"

Where does one even begin with 118 songs to pick from? Thankfully, the great leaders of Subsidia have broken the first wave into three themed volumes, Dusk, Night, and Dawn

Dusk features more experimental-oriented releases with many different genre crossovers. Not afraid to take chances, you'll find songs jumping rope with the line between genres. For this selection, LICK, JantsenHairitage, Ray Volpe, Kaivon, and more have been chosen to see just how weird they can get. 

Reserved for the heaviest tracks on the label is the Night volume. Only the initiated can handle the firepower contained in the arsenal of heaters hand-picked by one of the best to ever do it. Included in the rumble are romps from Sullivan KingShiverz, YOOKiE, Kompany, Jessica Audiffred, CASTER, and many more. A word of caution: have a neck brace on-hand before clicking the play button.

Dawn, the smallest playlist of the bunch, contains tracks perfect for those long drives with a loved one or a laid-back night at home. Those who lean towards vocal bass music will find comfort in the volume's lyrical prominence. For this one, listeners will get to experience music from Ahee and Ruby ChaseComputa, SvbchargeFancy Monster, and more.

Naturally, Excision himself graced listeners with an appearance on each volume, flexing his diverse production abilities. His Dusk entry sees him team up with his protege, Dion Timmer, for their mechanical trap hybrid "Necromancer." Night, on the other hand, introduces a new PhaseOne collaboration, "Demise," which is designed for those who enjoy breaking rails. Closing out the prehistoric trio on Dawn is a tune that transports listeners to a magical closing set at Lost Lands or Bass Canyon, "Erase You" with Wooli and HALIENE

While that's enough to keep most fans satisfied for a long time, there's still one more treat for listeners to enjoy. Alongside the three volumes of music, Excision dropped another entry in his iconic annual mix series. With Lost Lands being postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he named this year's mix in honor of the new label. Clocking in at nearly an hour-and-a-half, as one might expect, the set is classic Excision, complete with enormous bass drops from himself and other Subsidia artists. 

All three volumes of Excision's Subsidia Records label debut, containing 118 new songs, are out now. You can find all three releases, his annual mix, and more information on the new label on their official website below.


Website: subsidia.ca
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