[Exclusive Premiere] SMLE Unleash New Wildly Diverse EP "Chasing Channels"

As artists, SMLE are difficult to nail down. Their talent extends beyond any single genre, as they’ve also expanded their skills to producing and writing for others, so getting a dedicated EP from them now is a real treat.  The Chasing Channels EP is ficially out tomorrow, but Your EDM has your exclusive listen today.

“So this EP seemed to appear out thin air for us which we kind love. It almost didn’t even feel like we were writing an EP, the songs naturally pulled themselves together over time which was a pretty magical process. We’re super super proud this one.” – smle

Covering four tracks, Chasing Channels is a pretty whimsical listening experience. As SMLE notes, the track listing is “laid out almost like a pleasant auditory sandwich,” such that the first and last, more laid back tracks envelop the more energetic and vocal driven tracks which live in the middle.

Counting in Ella Poletti and Seann Bowe for the two, center vocal cuts, the EP as a whole zigs and zags through genres and styles… and yet, it never strays from a central theme. SMLE are wildly talented producers and artists, and this EP serves to reinforce that fact even further.

Listen to Chasing Channels below, exclusively on Your EDM.