Exploring Luna O’Cero’s Come n’ Try Latin & Upcoming Performances

picture of Luna O'Cero Come n' Try Latin

Luna O'cero,  the international Caribbean singer, is breaking boundaries with his latest album, Come n’Try Latin. This record impresses with its seamless fusion of diverse musical genres such as Salsa, Merengue, Son, and Bolero. In a recent interview, the artist discusses his determination to transcend genre limitations and his dedication to mastering multiple styles. 

Influenced by esteemed artists like Johnny Ventura and Joseito Mateo, O'cero embraces their inspiration and collaborates with renowned producer Armando Olivero to create a groundbreaking Latin sound that both honors traditional compositions and injects a vibrant and fresh essence. 

With Come n’Try Latin, Luna aims to share the infectious spirit of Latin music with listeners worldwide, inviting audiences to experience the richness of traditions and rhythms it offers. Excitingly, his Spanish versions of "Mona Lisa" and "Quando, Quando, Quando" have been gaining airtime on Dominican Republic radio stations, paving the way for his upcoming live performances. 

O’cero’s approach to music is marked by the integration of different components to create a distinctive sound that embodies his personal style. He pays tribute to traditional compositions while pushing the boundaries of his imagination, ensuring a balance between honoring the past and creating something fresh and innovative. 

Luna's deep appreciation for iconic artists like Nat King Cole, Joseito Mateo, and Johnny Ventura is infused into his work. Fans can look forward to O’cero’s anticipated shows, as he prepares for a series of concerts in the Dominican Republic starting in June 2023. 

Listen to the full album here: