Flavio Drops Stunning Glitch Hop Track “Filthy Flying Cat”

18-year-old electronic music producer Flavio has unveiled "Filthy Flying Cat," a stunning glitch hop tune as quirky as it is electrifying. 

At first listen, it's tough to believe that Flavio is still a teenager. Despite its idiosyncratic title, "Filthy Flying Cat" is rich and textured, oozing with jazz elements and nuerofunk swag. It's a polished, refined release that points to the maturity of a novel yet innately gifted producer.

Fans of Kill Paris or Slynk will really gravitate to the sound here, which layers lush synths with soaring leads to offer up a funky banger. He really dials up the energy in the final drop, where he eschews his melodic tendencies and instead opts for a frenetic drum & bass arrangement to bring the track home in adrenaline-fueled fashion.


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With its glitchy sound design and rumbling basslines, "Filthy Flying Cat" is a perfect addition to gaming playlists and an ideal soundtrack for streams. And gamers can do just that thanks to the song's distributing label, Aviencloud, whose releases are copyright-free. Aviencloud's network focuses on the funk and chill alleys of dance music, such as nu-disco, soul, ambient, pop, R&B, neo soul, and lo-fi.

"I produce music because I enjoy getting what's on my mind out into the aether," Flavio said in a press release. "My work is heavily influenced by jazz and includes electronic elements. I like jazz from the 1930s to today's modern music."

You can listen to "Filthy Flying Cat" on streaming platforms here.


SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/musicbyflavio
Spotify: spoti.fi/3CLnaRA
YouTube: bit.ly/2Y4w8dx