Fluencee and Paper Idol Experience Sensory Overload On Circus Records Single, “Paralyzed”

Making his debut on Flux Pavilion and Doctor P's storied Circus Records imprint, Fluencee resigns himself to raw emotion on "Paralyzed," a collaboration with Paper Idol.

As a breath-like texture and distant melody swell into focus at the outset of the track, Paper Idol contributes to the eerie atmosphere, declaring definitively "I give up on all control now."

More broadly, "Paralyzed" explores the seemingly ever-present urge to indulge in too much of a good thing. Despite the toxic push and pull of the temptation, the overwhelming sensory rollercoaster of it all is enough to render one powerless. As the track reaches its apex, Fluencee augments the haunting effect of the hook by splicing it up and adding transformative glitch and distortion effects amid a fierce rush of growling basslines.

Check out "Paralyzed" below and find the track on streaming platforms here.

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Fluencee and Paper Idol Experience Sensory Overload On Circus Records Single, "Paralyzed"

Fluencee makes his Circus debut with a haunting track that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

"'Paralyzed' is about the tendency we have as humans to sabotage our own paths toward growth," said Fluencee. "Moving forward is tough when we desperately cling to the last vestiges of the things that made us most happy."

Despite the track's lyrical themes, the artists are hardly presenting themselves as passengers of fate. Though uplifting future pop has been at the heart of his prior success, Fluencee takes a decisively darker creative approach on "Paralyzed." While branching out on the production side, he's maintaining the memorable, singalong-style qualities of yesteryear and the combination is certain to leave a lasting impact on listeners as they rinse this track on repeat.


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