Fluencee Drops Carefree, Summertime-Inspired “Are You Down” Ahead Of Forthcoming EP Release

They say that only by taking a leap of faith into the unknown can one leave their old self behind and find out what they're truly capable of becoming. 

The spirit of this timeless adage is perfectly encapsulated with a likable eagerness and sense of optimism in Fluencee's latest offering, "Are You Down." The spritely pop trap tune embraces the freeing feeling of summer and all of the serendipitous decision-making that comes with living it up to the fullest.

Fluencee is thriving in his element from a production standpoint, identifying the right amount of contrast to make for a thoroughly engaging listen while at the same time keeping it clean and memorable. The producer's juxtaposition of percolating, arpeggiated melodies and delicate vocal chops alongside a steamrolling, buzzing bass lead highlights his continued ability to craft complex sonic environments that are consistently worth revisiting.

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Fluencee Drops Carefree, Summertime-Inspired "Are You Down" Ahead Of Forthcoming EP Release

The single immediately precludes Fluencee's full Circus Records EP release this June.

The carefree single represents another piece of the puzzle to Fluencee's forthcoming Frozen In Bliss EP, which arrives soon on Circus Records. The track follows up the rosy nostalgia of "Before You Were Mine" as well as the moody and haunting "Paralyzed" respectively. 

Fluencee's full Frozen In Bliss EP drops on June 2nd, 2022.


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