Flume Reveals How He Made One of His Greatest Hits: “Say It” with Tove Lo

Flume breaks down one his most incredible productions to date, “Say It” featuring Tove Lo.

With “Say It,” Flume says he took a “quite bold and up front” pop song and surrounded it with intricacies and distortions. He believes overall message matched with the production makes for a truly powerful combination. But, how did it all come to be?

“Honestly, I was dicking around,” he opens up the triple j video below with a laugh.

There’s a lot more to it than that, however. Flume takes us through the step-by-step process, including his studio session with Tove Lo. The Grammy Award-winning producer reveals working on the spot tends to be the best method for him, even down to the lyrics.

Flume is one the greatest minds in electronic music and we love hearing where his head is at, especially with a standout production such as “Say It.” Watch below.

How Flume Produced “Say It”


Photo Rukes.com