Flux Pavilion Releases "Sink Your Teeth In" from Forthcoming 2020 Album

Flux Pavilion has released a new collaboration with rising indie vocalist Drowsy. "Sink Your Teeth In" highlights his more melodic soundscape, giving us a preview of what's to come on his upcoming 2020 album.

Following a recent collaboration with Feed Me and Meesh, "Survive," both of these tracks show a transition into a new era of sound for Flux Pavilion. This involves building his own electric guitars and synths while also immersing himself in an array of analogue equipment. Energetic and filled with pumping percussion, "Sink Your Teeth In" is sure to have you on your feet and swaying to the melody.

Flux enlisted Drowsy to bring the track together with her angelic vocals. Her smooth and upbeat voice accompanies his trademark catchy melodies to make the collaboration into the perfect electronic anthem. Be on the lookout for "Sink Your Teeth In" on a very exciting upcoming album from Flux Pavilion this year, releasing via Circus Records.


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