Following Tomorrowland NYE Performance, Martin Garrix Teases Ten New STMPD IDs

During his Tomorrowland NYE performance, Martin Garrix stuck to his promise to deliver a slew of unreleased tracks from his label, STMPD RCRDS.

All things considered, Garrix had a productive 2020. He released music under three unique aliases, and didn't hesitate to pivot with the trend towards livestreamed shows. His year culminated at the debut Tomorrowland NYE festival, where the Dutch producer didn't hesitate to preview what's on the horizon. 

Taking to Instagram, Garrix clipped ten IDs from his set and created a game of "guess the artist" for his fans. The post included several originals and an unidentified remix of Garrix fan-favorite track "Don't Look Down" with Usher. Many enthusiastically played along, and with a high degree of confidence, they've identified potential releases from Julian Jordan and Bleu Clair, among others. Many also believe that music from Garrix's newest alias Ytram, which saw a massive debut in 2020, also made an appearance in his set.

The STMPD RCRDS team showcased their huge year with a last-minute mixtape drop that featured over 50 different artists who have dropped music on the imprint, including 3LAU, Dyro, and many more.