FuntCase Launches New DPMO Record Label With "Corruption" EP

Bass music titan FuntCase has a lot to celebrate these days now that he has officially launched DPMO—the record label. The brand has been synonymous with the famed bass music producer for years now under the Circus Records umbrella, but FuntCase is now turning it into its own imprint. To celebrate the launch of the new label, has has also dropped its debut release, the Corruption EP.

DPMO has always showcased international emerging talent, handpicked by FuntCase through a series of compilations. To honor that ethos, Corruption features some of the brightest stars from previous drops. Included in the EP are face-melting collaborations with Versa, Yakz, Jkyl & Hyde, and Stoned LeveL. The collection of tracks exemplifies the organized chaotic sound that has garnered FuntCase such a devoted following.

To join FuntCase and the rest of the DPMO family in celebrating this major milestone, you can tune in on Friday, December 4th for their virtual label launch party with Insomniac's Bassrush. The livestream will begin at 8PM PT and will include sets from FuntCase, Jkyl & Hyde, SweetTooth, and Yakz.

Mark your calendars and click here to watch the stream.