FuntCase Teases New Drum & Bass Music in Reddit AMA

Fans know and love FuntCase as one of the most prolific dubstep producers of all-time. His work with Circus Records as well as his new label, gaming, and lifestyle brand DPMO have only reinforced and further cemented his status as one of bass music's finest. 

All of this, however, began with a love for drum & bass. Since 2007, FuntCase has been producing drum & bass masterworks, and though his main focus is dubstep, fans are always eager to hear them.

In a new Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment this week, an eager Reddit user asked the producer when fans can expect a new drum & bass EP. To the delight of those fans, FuntCase responded directly to let fans know that he has indeed produced more drum & bass, and it's ready for release. "I do need to release this DnB im sat on 100%!" FuntCase wrote in his reply. "I'll have a talk with Circus Records and see what we can do..."

In a response to another user, FuntCase referred to the amount of drum & bass he has ready as a "mound," so things look promising for a potential EP or a number of single releases. 

Eyes will be peeled on Circus Records and FuntCase for more information on the releases, but for now, fans can only continue to enjoy the masked producer's storied catalog of bass music.