G Jones & EPROM Mesmerize Minds On Collaborative EP, Acid Disk 2

Somewhere along the way, G Jones and EPROM descended into a time warp, and they’ve brought the 90's acid rave back with them.

Perhaps it’s not enough to say the forward-thinking bass music heavyweights have merely brought it back - rather they’ve taken the reigns on the frenetic, psychedelic-infused genre and made it uniquely their own.

Picking right up where they left off with their 2017 collaborative EP, Acid Disk 2 is seemingly everything all at once - swapping between trap, spirited drum & bass, and punchy acid house in rapid succession. With respect to the duo’s focus on incorporating classic acid synth textures, mind-melting stutters, and heavy-handed distortion, the two found ample room to play around with these staple sonics across the six-track EP while also keeping it a thoroughly engaging listen throughout.

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G Jones & EPROM Mesmerize Minds On Collaborative EP, Acid Disk 2

The producers' forward-thinking 2017 EP has finally received a follow-up.

Despite describing the premise for the EP in its very title, this collection of songs is anything but predictable. From the opening psytrance-like breakdown of "On My Mind" to the 16th note, 8-bit style synth work in the closer, "Final Lap," it's an EP so dense, you'll find yourself hitting replay just to keep up with its moment-to-moment evolutionary shifts.

Listen to Acid Disk 2 by G Jones and EPROM here.