Gilligan Moss Delivers a “Special Thing” Ahead of Debut Album

Closely following the release of their Slow Down EP, Gilligan Moss is back with a funky new track called “Special Thing,” out now on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

“Special Thing” arrives textured with enchanting nature sounds, creating a beautiful tune that encompasses a warm summertime sensation. Infused with groovy guitar riffs, a filtered vocal loop, and smooth chord progressions, “Special Thing” is true to its name.

Friends since the age of three, the dynamic duo comprising Gilligan Moss have been on quite a journey through the years. Although the two have been releasing music together since 2015, their forthcoming album will be their debut. Just last month, Gilligan Moss released their first EP featuring three previously released singles, “Ultraparadiso," “Ferris Wheel,” and “Lee’s Last Dance” and one brand new track titled “Slow Down.”

“Special Thing" marks the fifth song from Gilligan Moss' forthcoming album, Gilligan Moss. Each addition to this collection conveys a story and guides listeners through a musical journey. It is evident that the two creators have tapped into their own personal experiences, incorporating select moments of inspiration into their music. You can expect to hear the full story—all 13 tracks—when the album is released in full on April 9th, 2021.

Stream or download “Special Thing” on your preferred streaming service here.