Glasgow label Party Chat release tees in celebration of extended nightclub hours

Glasgow-based brand Party Chat have released limited edition t-shirts inspired by the 12-month pilot of 4am licensed nightclubs around the city.

As of 2019, a select number of Glasgow’s nightlife institutions have been granted the opportunity to demonstrate their deeply rooted dedication to the party with extended hours until 4am. Party Chat is independently giving force to the decision of it’s nu-wave government.

Released with the tagline "1 more hour of doof,” the release is intended to offer something different to ravers in the city, in the wake of the Glasgow Licensing Board's decision.

While an extra hour might not seem like a lot, for Party Chat it means another hour of Bacardi & Tizer, a chance to play more slow bangers, 10km more foot work on the dance floor, one more hour to catch that glint in yer best pals eye when the strobe hits.

The “1 more hour of doof” tees are available to buy now from the Party Chat website for £28.00.

Tayler Willson is Mixmag’s Digital Fashion Editor. Follow him on Twitter.