GoFundMe launched for uncredited DJ Deeon ‘Freak Like Me’ vocalist, Tish Bailey

A GoFundMe has been launched for Tish Bailey, the uncredited vocalist on DJ Deeon's 1996 Dance Mania classic, ‘Freak Like Me’.

Bailey reportedly never received a fee or royalties for her vocal contribution, according to the GoFundMe organiser Sarah Farina.

"Tish Bailey, a 54-year-old mother, grandmother, care-giver and community contributor is running out of years and resources while many others continue to earn from her beautiful voice and lyrics," reads the blurb on the GoFundMe page.

"Tish remains invisible to music lovers worldwide, sadly a common systemic problem. We offered to assist Tish in navigating the appropriate channels and began lengthy communications. This fundraiser is step one towards rightful compensation for more than 25 years of lost royalties and recognition," continued the post.

“Though I never desired fame or notoriety, knowing millions worldwide have heard my voice and enjoyed it for decades and continue to even today, brings me joy. Though few know my name or have seen my face, I know I’ve brought a lil spicy joy to countless people," added Bailey. "That’s my life’s purpose so despite any downside, I humbly appreciate the opportunity to reach the hearts of many."

The fundraiser aims to raise $10,000 for Bailey. Donate to the Tish Bailey GoFundMe here.

Meanwhile, Bailey and Farina have also collaborated on a new EP, Stay Soft, which is due for release via Bandcamp on 5th April.

The legendary Chicago DJ and ghetto house pioneer DJ Deeon died in July 2023, after having battled serious health issues for several years.