GoldFish Embraces Change in Inspirational New Single With Julia Church

GoldFish—the award-winning, South-African electronic duo—is back with an ambitious new project that provides an uplifting outlook when we all need it most.

"Everything Is Changing" speaks to the occurrences of this past year while adding a fresh aura of hope as we learn to embrace these ongoing changes. The tune itself has intricate layers of strong piano chords, a jazzy saxophone, and sonic elements throughout, lending to bubbly soundscapes that support the lighthearted vocals of Julia Church.

The world is a very different place than it was this time last year, and "Everything Is Changing" is a reminder that the changes can be considered a good thing if approached with a positive outlook. "The journey of this song has been a special one. We had recorded this vocal together with Julia in Cape Town and subsequently all had gone on our separate ways: Julia to the U.K., ourselves to the U.S.A," GoldFish said. "We were all touring, moving countries and doing life...and the track went through a few different iterations, sort of adjusting to our mindsets through all of these adventures. Until now, when we were really happy with it. 2020 really has been the year of change and although we resist it, we wanted this song to inspire a shift in how we all approach change."

Check out the track below.