Grabbitz Releases Official Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2021, “Die for You”

Grabbitz has the perfect track to soundtrack your holiday gaming binges.

Before Riot Games hosts their massive VALORANT Champions gaming tournament next month, a new song fit for players and professionals alike has been revealed. The team behind the extremely popular first-person shooter game has summoned Grabbitz for their inaugural anthem, titled "Die for You."

Carried by another excellent vocal offering from the multi-talented artist, "Die for You" plays out similar to matches in-game. Moments of calm are combined with electric guitar-laden peaks and a futuristic, pounding bassline. The final result feels very inspired by the source material and meshes well with the game's stylish aesthetic. 

To really get fans pumped for the big event, an animated music video featuring characters from the game was also shared.

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Grabbitz Releases Official Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2021, "Die for You"

Similar to Riot Games' League of Legends, the upcoming championship has a song created in its honor.

Those familiar with Riot Games are probably not surprised by the release of this track. For their other major title, League of Legends, the team behind the game recruited many high-profile artists to soundtrack the annual championship events.

That being said, this isn't even the first time the world of electronic music has crossed over into VALORANT. Since the game's release, Zedd has been given his own in-game weapon skins, Alison Wonderland's music was used to announce a new character, and Madeon performed at a digital festival created in honor of the game. Similar to those crossovers, "Die for You" will also make an appearance in various ways within the game itself.

VALORANT Champions 2021 takes place December 1st to 12th, 2021. More information on the tournament can be found on the game's official website. You can download or stream "Die for You" here.