GT_Ofice and Linney Reunite on New Single “Tastes Like Summer”

GT_Ofice is back and he's returned with previous collaborator Linney. They are here to deliver the next feel-good record right in time for warmer weather. "Tastes Like Summer" arrives today via Caine Records. 

Dance music has a way of bursting from the speakers and conjuring feelings across the senses. "Tastes Like Summer" does just that, transporting listeners to the carefree beach party atmosphere of yesteryear. The bubbly synths convey a feeling of warmth and bliss, so much so that you can almost smell the sunscreen and feel the sand. Linney's velvety vocals pair perfectly with the bouncy piano-driven melody here for an anthemic feel. 

Summer anthems tend to ignite nostalgia in their listeners, as they're synonymous with upbeat sound design and lyrics pegged to unbridled love. GT_Ofice and Linney—who recently dropped a collab with Dastic and Ummet Ozcan—opt to harness that successful formula while adding in their own unique flair with sun-kissed chords, uplifting drops, and lush soundscapes.

GT_Ofice and Linney first joined forces on their collaborative single alongside MIME titled "Young Hearts." The producer has kept a steady release schedule going, dropping singles like "Yesterday" with Nick Elliot and his most recent tune, "Body Talks" with ZHIKO. 

You can stream "Tastes Like Summer" across all platforms here.