Habstrakt Delivers a Behemoth Bass House Remix for DJ Snake’s "Trust Nobody"

DJ Snake sent shockwaves through the world when he dropped "Trust Nobody" in his hometown at Paris La Défense Arena, igniting a massive "wall of death" for the largest single-day EDM event in European history. The organized chaos of the mosh-pit echoed the high-octane energy of his hardest release to date. He's now passing over the remix baton to fellow Frenchman Habstrakt, who somehow made it into even more of a behemoth. 

When an artist like Habstrakt says "I lost it on this remix, had to go HARD," you know it's time to buckle up. He transforms the track with a large dose of his signature frenetic bass house, cranking up the BPM to a degree that will have you opening up the pit in your own living room.

Habstrakt recently collaborated with MARTEN HØRGER for "Ya Think," once again pushing speakers to the limit with his bass house stylings. He then told us on August 11th that we would be "getting tons of cool music this month," so it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to if this remix is just the beginning. Stay tuned as the esteemed producer unveils what else he has in store for us. 


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Twitter: twitter.com/djsnake
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